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JJ Reef, Kimbe Bay

J. J Reef is very pretty coral reef. Top of the reef, large area is only 5m, are covered with many hard corals. Along the slope, you can see barrel sponges, sea fans, elephant-ear-sponges and red whips gorgonians. You can see variety of corals here. At 30m depth of western side, huge gorgonian sea fans are standing and have a chance to see pigmy-sea-horse. At northern part, there is a ridge going down deeper and in a good current, you can see a school of trevally and gray reef shark. Also it is a nice place for macro stuff like some nudibranch, flatworm, and shrimp. At the end of the dive, you can stay on top of the reef. It is a nice safety stop at the end of the day.

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