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South Emma, Kimbe Bay

South Emma Reef – if any dive site in Kimbe Bay can be said to have it all, it would have to be South Emma. Huge barrel sponges, red whip gorgonians, colorful soft coral, and a deep swim through cave are just a few of the attractions. Descending along the saddle from the main reef a diver passes a few gorgonians and plate corals at just below a hundred feet. Just off west end of the shoulder, where it begins to rise again, are the entrances to the swim through cave. Entering through the smaller opening on the north side allows one to better appreciate the gorgonians and sponges that frame the much larger opening at the southern end. Ascending upward from the shoulder onto the large attached bommie one passes a stand of Dendronephthya soft coral, thickets of red whip gorgonians, and into a cluster of barrel sponges, the largest of them almost six feet tall. The crest of the bommie is covered in hard corals with occasional sea anemones. Fusiliers, trevally, and sometimes barracuda cruise the waters above the bommie. Also leafy scorpion fish can be found.

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